IndiaLD is top quality, best priced international calling made simple.

  • It’s 65,000 subscribers making 4.3 million calls a month, talking for 50 million minutes.
  • It’s a network of tier 1 international long distance carriers delivering the highest quality calls on the market.
  • It’s a team of customer care representatives in India working to provide you the best experience possible. We do the needful.
  • It’s 5 partners in the US: experienced professionals and good friends. We are successful telecom entrepreneurs, IT professionals, phone geeks, and people who love a good deal. We are people who can’t stop giving our product away on Twitter.

Our company is about quality of life, yours and ours. We know what its like to be far from your families, to not see them like you used to. We know all about the challenges of doing business in foreign lands, where a phone call is the best face to face you can get.

Our philosophy is simple. We partner with the best, drive a hard bargain, and put the savings back into our product. You won’t see us wasting money on celebrity endorsers. You won’t find us trying to fool you with crazy pricing ideas. We don’t need to. Our service sells itself.

You probably grew up using our competitors back home in India. You may not have heard of us before. That’s why we have to work harder for your business. It’s why our service is the best value on the market.

Our proof is our product, our users, and your voices. Try IndiaLD today.