How It Works

IndiaLD has been helping people stay connected to India for the past 8 years. We’ve listened to your feedback, and made our pricing and plans work to suit you. No apps to install. No access codes to remember. Your registered phone number is recognized by our system when you call, so you won’t have to enter a PIN. And we have 3 very easy ways to make calls – if you’re calling someone as a one-off, or if you make regular calls.

Access Number

Call friends in 38 countries through 1 local number. Dial the access number, at the prompt enter: country code + number + # (no need for 0011). We’ll connect you. Easy as that!


For people you call frequently, we’ll allocate a local number for them. When you dial this number from one of your registered phones, we’ll connect you directly. 1 step international calling!


Set up a speed dial for people you call often. Call our Access Number, then enter the speed dial i.e. Dad = 11# and we’ll connect you. Super Simple.

View our list of international country codes

Call from the US, UK, Australia, Canada (and 10 other countries). View our full list of access numbers here.

Getting started is as easy as:

  1. Purchasing a monthly plan or pay-per-call credit.
  2. Registering the numbers you want to call FROM, and setting up AutoDial or SpeedDials for the numbers you want to call TO.
  3. Start calling.
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