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Questions About Calling

Can I use Skype, Google Voice, or similar service to call you?
My Account Will Not Connect To A Specific Number In India
Why do I get an invalid account message when I call your access number?
How do I setup my pinless dial numbers?
How do I make a call?
How do I dial USA and Canada phone numbers?
Why can't I access your service through a local or toll free number in the US?
How do I redial the last number called?
What should I do if I see that the time of my call is being reported as too long?

Monthly Plan Questions

When does my month run from?
What happens if I use all my monthly minutes?
What Is The Top Up Tool?
Do my minutes rollover?
Am I entering into a contract?
Why do your plans automatically renew?
How do I get my money back?

Account And Billing Questions

Can I change my plan? (Upgrade/Downgrade)
How do I cancel my account?
Refund Policy
I forgot my password. How can I reset it?
What is the recovery fee?
Why was I charged twice in a month?
Can I check my minutes, see my call history, and manage my account online?