Why India LD?

Because we’ve been helping people like you stay connected to their friends and family for over 8 years. During this time we’ve developed great relationships with carriers around the world, which means that we are able to access these great rates, and maintain top quality of calling.

We also have customer support available to you 16 hours every day. So, should you need help with anything, or have any concerns, you’ll be able to speak to someone directly, so we can help you out.

Other reasons to use India LD

  • No contracts, cancel anytime, continue with us because you want to.
  • Up to 20 registered phones per account means you can share with friends, family or the office.
  • Simple account management – with call history.
  • Extra member benefits including free conference calling, music streaming and a concierge service – view info here.

30-day money back guarantee

IndiaLD believes so strongly in our service, that we are offering a 30-days money back guarantee to all new customers. Make up to 50 minutes of calls, and if you are not completely satisfied with IndiaLD, we will give you a full refund.

Need more convincing? Read what some of our customers have to say.

I admire the features IndiaLD has. You name they got it. Low prices, Flex plans, Quality network, Good service, Speed dial, Pinless dial and many more. I am using IndiaLD for quite some time and I would say it wins hands down among all other calling cards to India.

I would recommend it to everyone. They have got different plans for all type of customers. Try once you will feel the difference. Keep up the good work IndiaLD!Kannan Oregon/USA

With a service as good as yours, your customer addition rates should be a testimony in itself. Nevertheless, I am so happy with your service that I have spread the word around with the folks I know to subscribe for your service. With features like the Top up minutes and other more cool features to come, you are only putting more distance between yourself and the next best. Keep up the good work!! Thanks for everything you do.Subbu California/USA
When I looked at IndiaLD plans first time, I 4rx reviews. I thought with such cheap plans quality of the calls won’t be that good and there will be some kind of catch. But I am glad that I signed up. Call quality is great and they have great options available to make your calling experience better.Sandhu Ontario/Canada
Super calling service. Cheap and best. I’m yet to find someone offering rates less than you guys. But until then I’m happy to be your customer. I used to see cheap call rates like 1¢/m to China etc. and always wondered when will India calls be cheaper. Soon enough you came along & made it possible. Thank you guys. Keep it up.Anand Delaware/USA
I LOVE INDIALD!!! I live in London. I was paying 2p initially for my calls and now I am paying less then 1p. The price is competitive and call quality is awesome. The features are also amazing. I have been recommending it to all my friends n family…They have brought a revolution in terms of calling India…Gulshan London/UK
I am totally impressed with the service IndiaLD is providing. I am using this service for about 4 months now and day by day it is improving. Since I am a mass user (over 4000 minutes per month ), I am glad to see a new feature to top up your account with minutes with the same denomination as is used by you presently. Thanks IndiaLD for providing such an economical and efficient service. Thanks!Gurpreet Singh California/USA
IndiaLD is truly revolutionary – with extremely low cost; quality services and host of features. It has everything you could wish for and will have more features before you think of them.

I have used a lot of other services including Airtel, Dial91, et al, gold Viagra pharmacy close to IndiaLD.Anoop Illinois/USA

IndiaLD has changed the way we communicate and the frequency of communication. I feel that I am more close to my friends and relatives than I was before as I keep talking, talking and talking and talking. All you guys are providing…. is awesome… many thanks….Ganesh
IndiaLD has truly changed the way we call India now. It has truly brought India at our doorstep! Chris pays personal details to the customer needs. The quality of phone calls is good too.Munish Illinois/USA