What Students Need To Know To Call India

Traveling and studying abroad is one of the greatest adventures any student can experience. But any adventure can be risky, so it’s important for you to regularly stay in touch with loved ones. The easiest and most affordable way to stay in touch is with calling cards from a reputable company like IndiaLD.

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Read on to learn more about how to make secure international calls, and how to do so affordably.

Details Of How To Call India

To call India from abroad, make sure you have the appropriate country codes and phone numbers necessary to make your call. Secure an India calling card and then simply dial the international calling or “exit” code + India’s country code (91) + the precise phone number or cellular code, and then the subsequent number.

Country-Specific Dialing Instructions

Countries have different rules for how to dial an international phone number. Almost all countries require that you first dial some combination of 0 and 1, then enter the country code (in India’s case it’s 91), so that they know where to route your call to.

Here is a partial list of how to dial internationally to India by the country you are calling from:

  • Australia, dial 0011 + 91 + the local area code and phone number
  • Bahrain, dial 00 + 91 + the local area code and phone number
  • Canada, dial 011 + 91 + the India area code (2-4 digits) + the local phone number
  • France, dial 00 + 91 + the local area code and phone number
  • Hong Kong, dial 001 + 91 + the local area code and phone number
  • Ireland, dial 00 + 91 + the local area code and phone number
  • Japan, dial 010 + 91 + the local area code and phone number
  • New Zealand, dial 00 + 91 + the local area code and phone number
  • United Kingdom, dial 00 + 91 + the local area code and phone number
  • United States, dial 011 + 91 + the India area code (2-4 digits) + the local phone number

City Codes in India

If you are calling an Indian landline, you are going to need to include the city code after the country code in the destination number. If for instance you are from Bangalore and are used to just dialing 42614700, you will need to add the country code (91) and the city code (80) to the front of the number to call Bangalore from overseas. The internationalized version of that local number would look like 918042614700.

Here is a list of most city codes in India:

  • Agra: 562
  • Ahmadabad: 79
  • Allahabad: 532
  • Bangalore: 80
  • Bhopal: 757
  • Bombay (Mumbai): 22
  • Calcutta: 33
  • Coimbatore: 422
  • Combay: 2698
  • Delhi: 11
  • Dhanbad: 326
  • Faizabad: 5272
  • Hyderabad: 40
  • Indore: 731
  • Jabalpur: 761
  • Jaipur: 141
  • Jamshedpur: 657
  • Kanpur: 512
  • Katwa: 3453
  • Lucknow: 522
  • Ludhiana: 161
  • Madurai: 452
  • Meerut: 121
  • Nagpur: 712
  • Nasik: 253
  • Patna: 612
  • Pune: 20
  • Rajkot: 281
  • Surat: 261
  • Vadodara: 265
  • Varanasi: 542
  • Vijayawada: 866
  • Wardha: 7157

Time Zone Differences (a partial list):

It’s important to note the time difference between your location and India when you’re placing international calls. India Standard Time (IST) is actually a half hour plus the offset from most world times, so if you have to call India at 1:00 IST, make sure you actually call at half past the hour. Also, if you’re calling from the U.S., keep in mind that India does not have Daylight Savings Time.

  • Australia is 6.5 hours ahead of India.
  • Bahrain is 2.5 hours behind India.
  • Canada is 10.5 hours behind India.
  • France is 4.5 hours behind India.
  • Hong Kong is 2.5 hours ahead of India.
  • Ireland is 5.5 hours behind India.
  • Japan is 3.5 hours ahead of India.
  • New Zealand is 7.5 hours ahead of India.
  • The United Kingdom is 5.5 hours behind India.
  • The United States is 11.5 hours behind India.

Methods Of Calling India From Abroad

There are several ways you can place calls to India from around the world, and it’s important for you and your budget to understand your options.

Direct dialing, which is when you dial India directly from your mobile or landline, is perhaps what would occur to most people first, but it is the most expensive method of placing international calls. If you direct-dial India using your regular calling plan, you can expect to pay as much as $1 per minute or more, as well as connection fees, administrative fees, and other charges.

Phone cards and international access numbers are one of the best methods for making international and long distance calls because they are often the most affordable option. Calling cards are easy to get and use. However, it’s crucial you are careful in your selection of a calling card. Don’t just pick one up from the corner store because you’re likely to get a card that rounds up your minutes and caps your usage. Choose an IndiaLD card and rest assured you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

Students on a budget also can benefit from the immediacy that India calling cards afford. When you factor in time differences and people’s schedules, waiting for an e-mail reply from a loved one in India can seem like an eternity, especially with today’s attitude of craving instant gratification. With a calling card, however, you can call abroad and catch up with your family and friends as quickly as you can dial. And because IndiaLD offers so many different plans and calling cards to phone India from abroad, you’re sure to find a rate or card that suits your specific needs.

VOIP services are attractive and popular, but they require the use of a computer. This limits the flexibility of when you can make a call because you have to do so when the computer and Internet connection are available and when the time difference allows for the call. You may also incur extra charges for the use of the equipment.

Safe and Secure Calling Through IndiaLD

Traveling abroad is thrilling and fun but you need to know how to protect yourself. Here are several reasons why choosing a calling card from IndiaLD can enhance your safety when you’re on your own in a foreign country:

  • Don’t get scammed buying a calling card in a shop where you don’t speak the language. It’s safer to buy your calling cards or sign up for long distance from a reputable provider like IndiaLD that guarantees the quality of its products and services.
  • Don’t get scammed buying a calling card online. There are many calling card offers online but people fall victim to Internet scams every day. With a trusted provider like IndiaLD, you can monitor your account online, access promotional offers through the company’s Website, and even follow IndiaLD on Twitter to win free minutes!
  • Be able to call immediately from anywhere if you’re in trouble or in need. If you’re alone and far away, your calling card can be your lifeline home. Keep one with you at all times—in your pocket, purse, or even your shoe—just in case.
  • Saving on long distance calls by using a card or plan from IndiaLD enables you to devote more of your budget to other essentials like food, books, and souvenirs.
  • Build an international group of contacts and friends for future networking opportunities without spending too much. Keep track of your contacts and then keep in touch at low rates with inexpensive calling cards.
  • Reduce calling anxiety by choosing a plan that is affordable and comes with enough minutes that you don’t have to watch the clock.
  • Maintain your sense of identity by staying in touch with friends and family and by taking advantage of other IndiaLD services like access to Indian radio channels through your phone, as well as SMS and VOIP capabilities.

Now that you have the facts of how to make a call, what time to make a call, and what city and country codes you need to make your call, learn more about IndiaLD.com’s cheap calling to India.