Frequently Asked Questions About Using IndiaLD

If you have questions about using our service, please consult this list of frequently asked questions. Most inquiries are addressed below. If you find that your specific problem is not covered here, please contact our customer service team to get help.

Questions About Calling

We generally do not recommend that you use a free VOIP service. There are several reasons why:

1. Skype out, Google Voice, and those type of services use a shared pool of access numbers for outbound calls. Because of this, if you add them to the pinless dial on your account, anyone who is calling from one of these services has the ability to make calls from your account. To prevent this from happening, we actively block known caller IDs from these sites.

Unless you have an upgraded version of the service with your own unique phone number that is passed in the caller ID, you should not enter Skype or Google Voice into your pinless dial settings.

2. The DTMF translation from free VOIP services to our IVR generally does not work. You will find that trying to enter your account number or a destination in India will result in our system telling you that it does not recognize the account number or the number dialed. This is an issue with poor call quality and different signaling standards being used by those systems.

3. Free and low cost VOIP providers often block our access numbers. In cases where they are providing a free service, this is perfectly reasonable, and up to the provider. In the case of cheap VOIP calling outfits, this is often unscrupulous behavior on their end in order to sell you their own international calling services.

If you have a home phone that is VOIP (like phone with your cable system), you will be able to reach our access numbers and make calls, but if you are trying to use a free VOIP service like Google Voice you will may have difficulties using IndiaLD.

We generally do an excellent job of connecting calls to India. Our completion rates and average calls times are amongst the best out there, and we work directly with the largest international wholesale carriers in India. That being said, India is a big place with a very overloaded and in some places outdated telecom infrastructure.

What that means is sometimes we have problems connecting to a number in India. If this is happening to you, contact our customer service department and tell them the following:

1. Where you are calling from
2. What access number you are using
3. What number you are trying to call in India
4. Whether that number in India is land or mobile.
5. If its mobile, tell us the operator. If it is land, tell us the city.

We will take this information and work directly with our carriers to fix calling to that number. We are a large enough wholesale customer, that our carriers are very responsive and will fix these issues for us. We just need to know from you where the problem is.

There could be one of two reasons why you get this message:

1. If you are a new customer, you are likely calling the wrong access number. Some of our plans are only open to certain access numbers. Please use the access number listed on your account home page.

If you are calling from outside the USA, please make sure that you did not purchase one of our USA calling plans. If you have accidentally purchased a USA calling plan instead of our international calling plan, please contact customer service to switch your plan.

2. If you are an existing customer who has successfully made calls in the past, then you are probably getting this error because there was a problem renewing your account. Please check to see if your account is active or not, and contact customer service to resolve the problem.

First let's talk about how the number should be formatted when you add it to our pinless dial table. Do not use (), +, -, or letters. Just put the digits of your phone number.

USA and Canada Numbers - These numbers should be formatted with the area code first and then the rest of the number, i.e. 2135551234. Do not put the 1 before the area code.

All Other Numbers - These numbers should start with the country code, followed by the rest of the phone number, i.e. 44233188199. Do not put a + in front of the number, or a 0 after the country code.

Now that you know how to format your number, to add someone to your Pinless Dial, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. On the Account Home Page (, click on the Add New Pinless Dial link.
  3. Now you need to add the phone number you want to be able to make calls with. Make sure the number is formatted correctly for your country.
  4. With the phone number added, the caller can now dial our access number, and make an international call without entering their PIN.

Important: By adding someone else's phone number to your account, you are sharing your minutes with them. When they make a call, it will deduct from your monthly minutes. If you are over your monthly minutes, the call will be charged 1.9 cents per minute which is our normal overage fee.

After you have purchased a plan, call one of our access numbers located in 12 countries. When prompted, dial the number you want to reach in India. When calling India, be sure to include 011 91 (the international code and India's country code) before the number. Our access numbers are regular phone numbers, and you are responsible for the cost of calling them

To call phone numbers in the US or Canada, enter 01 then the area code then the rest of the phone number. For instance 015306455555. Do not start by dialing 1 or 011.

In order to keep our plans at rock-bottom rates, we need to keep our costs low. This means that we do not offer local access numbers in all major cities/states. When you sign up for an account, we will issue you an access number that will be located in one of several different states.

In order to avoid paying local long distance, please make sure that you call us from a phone with a flat rate nationwide calling plan.

If you want to redial the last number you called, wait until the call has ended. When the prompt asks if you want to make another call, select 1 then dial 00.

If you discover that one of your calls is showing up as being 2 or 3 hours long, and that was not the case, submit our contact form and tell us about the problem.

Make sure that you include the call time, destination, and actual length. This happens rarely, but there is a bug in our system that sometimes triggers this problem.

Monthly Plan Questions

Your month starts the day you create an account with us and will be good until that day next month. If for instance you purchase our 1000 minute plan on April 15th, then your month will run from April 15th through May 14th. On May 15th at 12:00 AM Pacific Time, your account will renew and you will get a fresh set of minutes.

If you use up all of your monthly minutes, then you have several choices how to proceed:

  1. You can use our Top Up Tool (read next FAQ) to purchase additional minutes for your account.
  2. You can use your account's credit limit and make additional calls at the overage rate (read two FAQs down)
  3. You can upgrade your account to a higher monthly plan.

You should use the Top Up Tool if you are going to need to make a hundred minutes or more worth of calls for the rest of the month. You should use the credit limit if you only need to make a small amount of calls. You should upgrade your plan if you think you will need more minutes every month going forward.

Our Top Up Tool allows you to purchase additional minutes for your monthly plan. If for instance you find yourself making more calls than usual to India one month and are running out of minutes, you can login to your account, select the Top Up link and purchase additional minutes.

Top Up Minutes are purchased in blocks of 100 minutes. You will be charged the same per minute amount for Top Up minutes as you would for your monthly minutes. Top Up Minutes do not rollover from one month to the next. You must use your Top Up minutes before your monthly renewal date.

Unlimited plans, Quarter Calls, and our 1.5 Cent Calling Card cannot use the Top Up Tool.

IndiaLD gives the 500 to 3000 minute monthly plans a $4 credit limit to make calls with if you use up all of your monthly minutes. Calls made using this credit limit are defined as overage minutes and billed at a rate of 1.9¢ per minute.

When you use the credit limit to make calls, you will incur a negative balance on your account. This balance will be viewable in the account management area when you login. Your negative balance made be paid in one of two ways:

1. When your monthly term is up for renewal or expiring, we will charge your account for the outstanding balance. This will be done automatically. If you are renewing your plan for the next month, it will happen at the same time as your monthly fee in a separate charge.

2. You can pay the balance yourself through our Top Up Tool. Login to your account, select the Top Up link, and you will see your negative balance. Using the Top Up Tool will reduce your overage charges from 1.9 cents/minute to what you normally pay for minutes to India. You must pay the negative balance before you can add more Top Up minutes to your account.

No. Monthly minutes and Top Up minutes do not rollover from one month to the next. If you are concerned about unused minutes, you should adjust your monthly plan to an amount of minutes that you are comfortable with, then use our Top Up tool to purchase additional minutes.

No you are not. While our plans automatically renew each month, you can cancel at any time. A contract would require that you buy more than one month's worth of minutes, and we do not do that.

If you only need India LD for one month, just submit our Contact Form towards the end of the month and we will cancel your account.

Most of our customers call India a lot, and they call every month. Our automatic renewal is a convenience for them so they don't have to worry about buying more minutes.

If you do not want to be on a monthly plan that automatically renews, we also offer 3 Pay As You Go Plans: PAYG Minutes, Quarter Calls, and the 1.5¢ Calling Card. All three of these plans have a 90 day validity and must be manually recharged.

Refunds can be requested by submitting our Contact Form.

Our 30 day money back guarantee is for first time customers who have not exceeded 50 minutes of calling.

Account And Billing Questions

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your monthly plan automatically by logging into the Account Management Area and selecting the Change Plan button.

Downgrading can only occur at the end of your monthly billing cycle. We do not issue refunds for already purchased minutes. You can downgrade your account at any point in the month, but the downgrade will not take place until the start of your next billing period.

Upgrading can occur either immediately or at the end of your billing cycle.

For example, if you upgrade from 1000 minutes to 1500 minutes and want to do it immediately, then we will charge you the difference between the cost of the 1000 minute plan and the 1500 minute plan (in that case $5.00), and add the additional 500 minutes into your account for immediate use.

If you want to upgrade at the end of the month, then there is no charge until your account's billing cycle ends. At that point you will be charged for your next month at the 1500 minute plan rate.

We do not offer rollover minutes to the next month. For customers who are worried about unused minutes, we suggest that they either downgrade to a lower plan or move into one of our Pay As You Go plans with a 90 day validity.

Before you cancel your account, ask why?

If you are canceling because you are going back to India and don't need minutes for a while, use our Suspend Account feature. It will move you from a monthly plan into a PAYG Minutes plan with 0 balance. Doing this will remove you from our scheduled billing system, but it will keep your account information active with us. That way, when you need to use IndiaLD again, your account and information will still be active in the system.

To suspend your account, login and click the Change Plan button. This will launch our plan change window. Select the Suspend Account option and follow the instructions.

If you are canceling because you do not plan on using IndiaLD ever again, please submit a cancel request.

If you reside in the United States, then a recovery fee will be charged as a separate line item on all charges to your account.

Part of the fee charged to you covers our contribution FCC's Universal Service Fund. The USF was recently expanded to include VOIP services. The USF is a percentage of the sales amount charged for VOIP services. The percentage is determined from the FCC and is subject to change each quarter. The current USF rate can be found here

Other portions of the fee go towards making sure that we are complying with any and all local, state, and federal regulations.

India LD services have a recurring monthly charge - which means we charge you every month for your monthly service fee for that upcoming month. We also charge for any additional billable calls you have made from the prior month.

Yes, yes, and yes. IndiaLD has full online account management and call history reporting. All of these features are available when you login to your account.


IndiaLD contracts with a bulk SMS delivery company in India to send free SMS from our customers to mobile subscribers in Inida.

If you are an IndiaLD customer, login to your account. In the middle of the page, you will see a link to our SMS widget. Click on it and then use the widget to send your SMS.

There are a couple of things to know about our SMS service:

1. Messages will come from IndiaLD and not your phone number. This is because of TRAI regulations on bulk SMS delivery to India.

2. IndiaLD logs all SMS messages sent to India with a customer account number. Do not use our service to send commercial SMS, harassing SMS, or in any unlawful manner. We will be able to trace this easily.

3. Because of TRAI requirements, our SMS messages are classified as bulk delivery and subject to the Do Not Disturb (DND) list. If an Indian mobile phone has opted out of getting bulk SMS using the DND list, any messages you send through our service will not get delivered.

Aircel Connect Questions

Here is a checklist to go through if you cannot connect to the Aircel short code:

1. You must have an Aircel mobile phone.

2. An IndiaLD customer must have added your Aircel mobile to their IndiaLD account. Please make sure that this has happened.

3. If your mobile number was just added to an IndiaLD account, please wait up to 12 hours to be activated.

4. If steps 1-3 are all done, and you still cannot connect to our short code, then try reaching a different Aircel short code to make sure you are not roaming on another network or in a different calling circle. Our short code works the same way that all other Aircel short codes do. This means there are times that you will not be able to get onto it if you are out of your home circle.

5. If you are still having problems, please contact IndiaLD support for help. We will work with Aircel to troubleshoot this issue. Aircel's general customer care will not be able to help you with this problem.

Aircel connect is an exclusive partnership between IndiaLD and Aircel. Through this partnership, we offer several unlimited calling plans as well as special versions of our 500-3000 minute monthly plans.

The magic of Aircel connect is that it links IndiaLD accounts in the US & Canada with Aircel Mobile subscribers in India. By adding an Aircel mobile phone number to your IndiaLD account, you give that subscriber the ability to make calls to the US and Canada from their handset through a special short code.

An Aircel mobile customer who has been added to an IndiaLD account can dial short code 59778 from their handset and will be connected to the Aircel Connect gateway. From there, they just need to dial a number in the US or Canada that they wish to reach. The call will use up your IndiaLD minutes, but it will not use up any Aircel airtime minutes. This is the easiest and cheapest way for anyone in India to make a long distance call to the US or Canada.

This offer is only available to Aircel customers residing in India or IndiaLD accounts in the US & Canada that wish to add the Aircel subscribers to their plan. This service only works on our Aircel calling plans.

In order to change from a regular monthly IndiaLD plan to one of our Aircel Connect Plans, you will need to contact customer service and have your plan manually changed. Because of how these plans are structured, we cannot carry over your current minutes when you switch plans so we recommend that you wait until the end of your monthly billing cycle and then switch.

These plans are intended for customers residing in the US and Canada who want to call India. You will only be able to make calls to India from our access numbers in these two countries. Aircel subscribers in India can be added to all of our calling plans except the All Aircel Unlimited Plan. Aircel subscribers can make calls from India to select numbers in the US and Canada.

Once you have signed up for an Aircel plan, you can add Aircel subscribers to your account from our account management area. After a subscriber has been added, they can then dial short code 59778 on their Aircel mobile and be connected to our international calling gateway. The Aircel subscriber can then dial the US or Canada number they wish to reach and be connected. Dialing the Aircel short code will not use up any of their Aircel airtime.

Please note: There is a 1 hour time lag between when an Aircel subscriber number gets added into our system and when it is open for calling from the Aircel mobile.

The 1 to 1 Unlimited Calling Plan and the All Aircel Unlimited Plan only allow calls to Aircel mobiles in India. All other plans let you make calls to any land or mobile number in India.

No. Unfortunately due to technical limitations, an Aircel subscriber in India can only be added onto one IndiaLD account. If an Aircel customer would like to be switched from one of our plans to another, they need to speak with the account holders and ask them to drop and add them.

Yes. Our Aircel plans renew each month just like our traditional calling plans. However, there are no contracts with our plans and you can cancel anytime. If you do not need a plan for the following month, just let our customer service team know and they will cancel your plan before it renews again.