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IndiaLD Gives You Great Quality Calls At Low Prices

  • Call India Land & Mobiles
  • Pinless Dial For Multiple Lines
  • Send Free SMS To India
  • Purchase Additional Minutes With Our Top Up Tool

Our USA to India Calling Plans Have Everything You Need!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

IndiaLD believes so strongly in our service, that we are offering a 30 days money back guarantee to all new customers. Make up to 50 minutes of calls, and if you are not happy with IndiaLD, we will give you a full refund.

Refunds can be requested by contacting our customer service department.

How Our Plans Work

IndiaLD offers both Monthly Calling plans and Pay As You Go calling cards. It is important you understand the following terms of each plan type before purchasing:

Monthly Plans

All plans except Quarter Calls and our PAYG Minute Plan are considered monthly plans. These plans are priced at or near our wholesale cost of doing business. In order to offer you prices that low, you need to accept and understand these terms of service:

  • Your month starts the day you create an account with us and will be good for one month. If for instance you purchase our 1000 minute plan on April 15th, then your month will run from April 15th through May 14th.
  • Minutes purchased for a monthly plan will not carry forward or be extended in case you fail to use all of your minutes in the month.
  • Recharging of your monthly plan to get a full set of new minutes with a new billing date is not allowed.
  • Should you exceed your monthly minutes, you may purchase additional minutes on the website through our Top Up Tool.
  • Monthly plans automatically renew each month, but there are no contracts. You can stop your service from monthly renewal at any time by contacting customer service.

Our monthly plans are ideal for people who make frequent calls to India and want to enjoy the convenience of a long distance service that renews each month.

Pay As You Go Plans

Our Quarter Calls plan is a pay as you go plan to call India. This plans does not renew each month. Instead their validity is determined by the date of last recharge. Every time you purchase or recharge your calling credit, your validity will be extended. Quarter Calls has a 60 day validity period.

Two Great Ways To Call

Monthly Plans or PAYG. Pick the plan that is right for you. Get the absolute lowest rate to call India with our monthly calling plans, or enjoy the freedom of pay as you go calling using Quarter Calls.

Do You Need Access Numbers Outside The USA Too?

If you travel frequently or plan to share your account with someone who lives outside the US, then you need to signup for one of our monthly international calling plans or Quarter Calls. These plans are slightly more expensive, but offer our full range of international dial in access numbers for you to make calls from.