Extra IndiaLD Benefits

We work hard to give our customers access to a range of benefits to help you stay connected to India.

Indian Music Radio

Easy96.com is enjoyed by over 100,000 Asian Indians. It plays 24 hours/ 365 days a year a mix of popular Indian Music, Top 40 Hits, Hindi Classics, Film Soundtracks & Features!
With IndiaLD you can stream this music free anytime. Just call 213-572-5424
View the program: http://www.easy96.com/indian-radio-station-program-guide-us.html

Free International Conference Calling

All IndiaLD customers can use our partner conference calling service for free http://www.unitedconferencing.com/
Or simply call 415-484-7100

Free Daily Horoscope

Just call 415-787-7113 to hear your daily horoscope.

Concierge Service

Our IndiaLD agents are here to assist you every day 5am – 10pm Eastern Time.
– Ask us a question & we will look up the answer for you.
– Directory assistance. Need a number, we’ll find it for you.
Just call 916-844-3371